August Barbecue

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Today I have another post for you all, featuring the creator What Next.
What Next is also a member of the “A Builders & Bloggers Collaboration” (B&B) inworld group, feat. Home&Garden Designers by hand-selected bloggers in this group.
As I wrote in my 1st post I really enjoy and love the idea behind it. If you want to know more about it, please read here.
I am featuring prominently What Next in my post with their beautiful creations for your home and garden needs.
What I really like is the barbecue grill and the auto attaching props of the food which is adjusting correctly on your ava and also the eating and drinking anims are perfect.

All items I used in detail here from creator what next:

Lucia Summer House
version with lights and without, 46 LI (incl. terrace)

Coastal Marlow Chairs & Decor
Chair left & right, table with decor, 7 LI

Palisades BBQ Grill
What you see here is the full set, different sets are available.
Full set includes:

  • HUD – texture-change attachable HUD to change the BBQ bricks or counter textures
  • REZZER package which rezzes all or parts of the set as needed

Individual pieces also included:

  • BBQ Grill – 4li – with optional animations or just touch knobs for menu to grill
  • canopy – 8li – texture-change fabric
  • canopy string lights – 2li
  • canopy version with lights 10li
  • burgers & hotdog platter – dispenser -1li
  • kebabs & corn platter – decor only – 1li
  • salad bowl – decor – 1li
  • BBQ condiments – decor – 1li
  • melon pops tray – dispenser – 1li
  • stool – 3li – with sit animations, inc. eating, drinking


Strawberry Cheesecake
Dispenser and plate decor

Iced Tea Tray (2 glasses)

Tivona Tree Lantern 1 (antique)
Tivona Tree Lantern 2 (antique)

Marlow Planters
Set of 3

Summer Garden Planter
Change colours of flowers and pot via touch menu

Hanging Hearts *VIP Group Gift*
Set of 6 hearts

Rain Wall Art Set
2 versions included

Summer Window *Vip Group Gift*
Set of 2 (with and without brackets)
Change the colour of the flowers and the pot via touch menu.

Have fun shopping 🙂


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it is much appreciated.

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