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This is  my Second Life Avatar called Sannita Cortes which I started in March 2007.
As years went by in Second Life, I went  more and more into photgrapy and sharing my photos and outfits with other Secondlife residents.
Meanwhile I am blogging regularly and I still love to show fashion, furniture and decor made by Second Life Designers in a nice scene.

Mesh body parts I use :

– Lelutka
– Logo
– Laq
– Tonic
– Catwa
– Akeruka

– Maitreya Lara
– Tonic fine and curvy
– Legacy

I take my photos with high graphics setting on a good computer.
For lighting I usually use Windlights (nowadays EEP) and I am doing also post processing of my photos in graphics software, but I take care not to overexpose lighting and effects to show all items as they are !
If I am in the mood to do an artisitc shot, I always add the rawshot and mention this in my posts, so evryone knows about it.

I am also Blogger manager for :

  • Swank Events
  • Swank & Co (Women, Men & Kids as well Home & Garden)
  • Dreamland Designs


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