My loveable fountain garden

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Today I would like to tell you about an excellent opportunity to get invited to a new group “A Builders & Bloggers Collaboration” (B&B), feat. Home&Garden Designers by hand-selected bloggers in this group.
I really enjoy and love the idea behind it – yes there are a few rules as well – but it works differently than “normal” blogging.
The designers don’t send items to the group, the bloggers look around the shops of the participating creators and select whom they would like to feature and highlight in their blogpost.
Bloggers get in touch with the creators, to get the creations they would like to use in their posts – the ones which inspire us as creative bloggers. The blogger has time to create a scene and take the photo(s) within the running month.
I as a blogger really appreciate this because having the time to set the items into a scene they deserve and look good, feeling the right atmosphere and I must say I spent a lot of time sitting and enjoying the scenery.

You are a Home & Garden creator and now interested in getting to know more about the group “A Builders & Bloggers Collaboration (B&B)” ? Please, contact Heavenly Villa, the owner of Shutter Field, Co-Owner of DJ.SF and founder of the B&B group.

In my photo this month I am featuring participating creator FINCA. I must say I do love her creations very much since I got to know her and you should go and have a look, you will definitely find something for your Home&Garden!

Items used from Finca:

Ground Texture – seamless texture – Ground 1 (2048px)
Dirt path Set – seamless texture
Willow Tree – burned
Dandelion – circle and square field
One Heart tree and Two Heart tree – red
Switchgrass – available in different colours. Here used: pink, orange, blue

Additional I used the fabulous new creation by CJ Creations:
“Fountain Zen Garden”
with water sounds on/off by touching the fountain.
touching the hummingbirds for flattering wings.
Animated water.

Have fun shopping 🙂


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Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog,
it is much appreciated.

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