Blakely Home


RFL Home&Garden Expo is still running until  April 7th. And I am showing you here items from Adorably Strange Wares, exclusive for the Expo.

Other items I added are from Boardwalk Event, which runs still until April 15th !

Blakely Bungalow – Adorably Strange Wares    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope9

232 LI  /  25x25m Footprint

This beautiful house has an inner courtyard which can be accessed from th long sides around it.
This is a beautiful 2 long sides rooms and 2 smaller ones with small rooms .
Inside the house you find the courtyard. Steps down and you are on the ground – the terrace floor is not included I did it by myself.


Blakely Fountain – Adorably Strange Wares    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope9

12 LI / with animated water and fits in the courtyard


Blakely Plants Set – Adorably Strange Wares    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope9

5 piece Set / Each 2 LI


Blakely Candle Boats- Adorably Strange Wares    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope9

2 LI / Touch on/off flame


Tulips in glass vase – Mixed Pink – Kenzielogic    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope1


Mila table & Betty chair  – {moss&mink}    ==> @Boardwalk Event
Pack includes light & dark versions

Garden piggies set  – Slobbery Dog    ==> @Boardwalk Event


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦



Have fun shopping 🙂




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1 thought on “Blakely Home

  1. So nice to see a home with an inner courtyard! It’s one of the most conducive ways to live because you are not so divorced from the outside nature, and I do remember homes like these from my boyhood where we lived in parts of the East. Thanks for showing these, Sanni ❤


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