Swank Escapes

Do you know Swank Events?  SWANK EVENTS is one of SL’s Largest Monthly Sales events. Including His and Hers Fashion , Beauty, Home & Garden and over 200 Gacha. With almost 300 designers you can be sure to find something to like or enjoy.

Why mention this? Well, I ewant to introduce Swank Escapes to you, which is a subsidiary of Swank Events and currently as exhibitor on RFL Home&Garden Expo.

Swank Escapes has currently 6 different themed experiences for you to explore and enjoy with your special someone, be it a date,
special occasion or a romantic honeymoon experience.

Each experience is stylishly and elegantly decorated, using only the finest in animations and set within beautifully created landscaping.

Each of them includes:

* a romantic space for dinner for two
* a personal dance ball loaded with the most gorgeous dance animations (discretely located next to the music turntable)
* many music stream choices, controlled by Turntable/record player, perfect for setting a mood
* automatic security orb for privacy and security.
* a wide range of both adult and cuddle animated items, hand picked to enhance each experience


Currently available with highlighted features:


Romantic Dreams / Honeymoon

Rose petals and candles adorn this very European residence – old mixed with new, making this a truly romantic beauty. This is a complete home getaway including a living room with fireplace and sitting area, full kitchen, couples bath/shower in a beautiful romantic atrium, formal dinner for two in the old conservatory, elegant patio and swimming pool area. All beautifully landscaped into the cottage gardens surrounding.


Fall into Autumn

Leaves are changing, the colors of Fall surround a beautiful loft style cottage, making this a cozy & warm retreat. A full home getaway complete with full kitchen, living room, open air bathroom, romantic bedroom loft with fireplace. Outdoor area includes a beautiful rustic gazebo area with hot tub, dance area and fireside seating. Relax with your loved one and 7seas fish from the river dock. All beautifully landscaped into a Fall themed country cottage experience


Tropical Island Paradise

Beautiful colorful little fish swimming in coral blue waters. An island of palm trees, waterfalls, white sand, flying Macaws and roaming flamingos. All making this the perfect tropical, fun get away, where the sun always shines. The island boast’s all you will need for a summer escape with hanging swings, hammocks, towels, sandcastles and umbrella with blanket. Shower surrounded by frangipani’s and hibiscus and enjoy a tropical dinner and dancing under the sweet ocean breeze with someone special.


The Boho Retreat

Beautiful space to escape to and look up in the sky to watch the shooting stars surrounded by a colorful aurora and magical little glowing lights. Making this truly a magical retreat under the stars. This Glamping /Camping area has a beautiful large tent, rose petal and candle lit floor and a small fire for those warm but breezy nights. A cozy little garden space for hot drinks and cuddling up with someone special. Small Pond perfect to kick back relax and go fishing, Dinner for two under the stars. Lanterns with warm romantic glows surround a central dancing deck. This is that perfect little magical space in the woods for two.


Under The Sea Romance

Beautiful Crystal Gazebo surrounded by corals and glowing foliage. Full of ocean life swimming around you. Making this the perfect hideaway under the sea. Bordered by large tall rocks that create this perfect ocean space just for you and that special person. Crystal Gazebo with not just dances but a separate Mermaid Dance ball with swimming animations. You’ll need those swimming animations to swim up high to reach the ledges for dinner for two, Romantic Towel ledge and love in a floating bubble all over looking the sea life in all its graceful and colorful splendor. This is the magic of love under the sea.


The Red Room Elite

Elegant lounge to wine and dine with double doors leading into a red silk padded red room. Large Lounge area with full bar, piano, seating area with fireplace and a formal place setting for dinner for two with dancing. Everything in the lounge including the piano and fireplace is full of fetish adult animations. The double door red room is elegant with red silk padded walls with sleek gold lines, The most elegant Red Room you have ever seen. This room is full of BDSM /Bondage Kink. Perfectly arranged for all your fetish desires with class and style.



Swank Escapes Rental Station    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope7





Have fun shopping 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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