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Shape – Siri Amblack Store – Yuko Shape *My Sponsor*
original for Lelutka Avalon Head
for mesh bodies Belleza GenX, Freya&Isis, Reborn, Legacy, Maitreya

Outfit – Hilly Haalan – Audra Set *My Sponsor*
includes fuzzy top and denim pants. Hud driven 30 colours.
For Maitreya, Gen X Classic, Legacy

Fancy Text HUD – ASCII Words Version 1.1 by LunaMare Designs *My Sponsor* at WIP Event
LunaMare Designs Store / LunaMare Designs MarketPlace

This hud is an easy and simple to use hud to create ASCII Texts to use in your chat messages, SL Profiles and
as you can see here also worked in my graphics software.
This hud works as a text builder, mixing ASCII art characters with your text, you can type, select preset emojis or generate a new one based on alpha numeric characters and when done, no need to copy ( the application already does it for you as you type ) just Paste at the Chat/IM window, Profiles, notecards or anywhere you want.
When using this hud, it doesn’t need to download any libraries from the internet nor communicates with other websites, sl inworld objects – absolutely private.
Also the hud comes in 3 sizes for you to use: small, medium and large version.
More information to find on Marketplace or mainstore.

A big Thank You to my sponsors!

others used:
Hair / Haare – Truth – Twisted
Head / Kopf – Lelutka – Avalon EvoX 3.1
Skin – Head / Haut Kopf – Avarosa – Raven LeL EVO X – Chantilly
Skin Body / Skin Körper – Velour – Ipanema
Meshbody – Maitreya – Lara
Eyebrows / Augenbrauen – arte – Fierce
Eyes / Augen – LOTUS – Seabreeze Eyes 01
Eyeshadow&Lips / Lidschatten & Lippen – Sugarose – ZARA – Lipstick & Eyeshadow
Face contour Set – Top1Salon – New Face set
Lashes / Wimpern – Michan – Sienna Lashes Night
Freckles, Beautymarks, Blush, Liner – Warpaint – WarPaint – IWokeUpLikeThis4
Glasses / Brille – SDesign’s Jewellery – In Love Glasses
Earrings / Ohrringe – e.marie– Lyria earrings – gold
Necklace / Kette – NaaNaa’s – Lily Necklace – gold
Cat / Katze – Rezz Room – Cat Munchkin Animesh

Have fun shopping 🙂

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Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog,
it is much appreciated.

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