Autumn comes soon

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I am sorry you had to wait so long for a new post from my side.
There are some things going on in my life which didn’t make it easy for me having time and preparing some scenes and show you awesome stuff from Second Life.
RL sometimes kicking us and keep us away.

I hope it is getting better the next weeks and I am also settling down with my situation.
When I know more and how things going on I will let you know although you all know me very well, that I am not talking in public about my life 🙂 But my dear followers should know whats going on and in case you missed me, I am ok and here for you. Just leave a message.

The last days I smelt Autumn will soon be here – time flies – yesterday was summer and today we feel the autumn is around the corner.
So here my first autumn post for this year – there will be more and more coming next time.

Bohemian Set by Chez Moi
14 LI
Bento Animations (Single M&F, Cuddle, Adult)
Automatically rezzing props with animations
hud to change the texture of the cushions
Includes: Chair, 2 tables with decor
The wood is not that red like in my photo – this comes from the lighting.
Attaching the vendor photo, please have a look here:

For the scene I also added some older decor from my inventory. If you need some information about this, send a message and I will try to answer and arrange maybe some things.

Decor by Dreamland Designs used here:
6.Round Vintage Rug
7.Round Vibrant Boho Rug
10.DD Old Vintage Table L
9.DD Old Vintage Table M
8.DD Old Vintage Table S
13.DD Vintage Flowers Book
DD Standing Autumn Vases
DD Autumn Farmhouse Pumpkin Tray
14.DD Dark Wood Candle Rose
15.DD Shabby Wall Candle
16.DD Wall Love Art

Autumn ladder display by Thaino Designs

Autumn Pillow Pile 2 by Zen Creations

Autumn Cake by Merak

Scene set up in
Colden Log Cabin Open Interior by Trompe Loeil

Have fun shopping 🙂


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Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog,
it is much appreciated.

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