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Boat Lounge by FNY Designs
This boat is available as pg or adult version.
The PG Version includes 18 different solo animations like sits, lays, phone typing and reading and 9 different couple romance animations. The PG Version includes 44 animation files in total.
The Adult Version includes 30 additional adult couple animations with selectable speed – 244 different animations files in total.
This boat includes 4 different texture sets via menu – just click on the hull.
18 LI

Coastal Chamomile & Beach Grass by FNY Designs @eBento (Apr 11th to 30th)
The Coastal Chamomile is a nice flowering plant of the aster family commonly known as false mayweed or sea mayweed. It is found in many coastal areas of Northern Europe, often growing in sand or amongst beach pebbles.
This set comes in 7 different growth shapes. 5 Small and 3 Medium.
1-5 LI each

Have fun shopping 🙂


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