You are unique

No one on earth
exists quite like you
and no one is able
to do what you do.

The person you are
the talents you bear
Gifts that only you can share.

Only you have learned
from the things you have done.
Gaining perspective
from the battles you’ve won.

Times when you’ve lost
have been priceless too.
The lessons contribute
to what makes you you.

The rest of the world
can’t see through your eyes
which is why your insight
is such a prize.

Because you are you
there are lives you affect
much more than you
would ever expect.

The things you do
the things you say
send ripples throughout
the Milky Way.

You’re unique, amazing
like no one else.
You have the exclusive
on being yourself.

“Only you” by Dan Coppersmith

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Statue “Black pearl 1” by Artemis Corner @eBento (Apr 11th to 31st)
6 LI, copy mod no trans

Pinky You Backdrop by The Bearded Guy

Have fun shopping 🙂


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