Dining Room

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This being said is because family dinner in my family is a really treasured time.
We all gather together for dinner – without tv, phones, mobiles, computers.
This set “Belle Slipcover Chair Set” is just an amazing set for the family so you can
have your treasured times at home with your loved ones too.

Belle Slipcover Chair Set by CJ Creations
Some information for you about this set:
Belle Slipcover Chair Set
Props/Tabledeco/Placemat -> copy
Rest copy/mody – scripts no mody
– Slipcover Chair – 5 Li copy/mody – 8 diff. Texture with Menu by sit
*13 Single F / 10 Single M / 4 Couples / comes with nice Props
sit, talk, drink Wine/Coffe, read or eat.
– Table – 3 Li copy/mody – 6 diff. Texture by touch
– Rug – 1 Li copy/mody and resizer
– Flower Planter – 2 Li copy/mody

– Tabledeco (optional – can be use but don’t need)
Roses in Vase – 2 Li copy
Candle Deco – 6 Li copy
Wine Deco – 7 Li copy

Place Set: 2 Li copy (touch for diff. Meals, Soups, Salad or Sweets
Breakfast 1 x
Soup 4 x
Meal 5 x
Pizza 3 x
Salad 3 x
Sweets 3 x

  • most Stuff in this Set are material enabled
  • its not possible to drop the Props exactly for all diff. Hands / its easy for you to fit them in your hands
  • some animations are not made by sitting on Chair near the Table (couple) – so drop the Chair a bit away and enjoy

Have fun shopping 🙂


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it is much appreciated.

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