Lomand Xmas Cabin

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Lomand Xmas Cabin Nextup Set by Why not? ==> @Yuletide event (Dec 1st-31st)
You can get following items:
01{Why Not?} Lomand Xmas Cabin RARE – 88 LI
02{Why Not?} Lomand Fireplace RARE – 6 LI
03{Why Not?} Lomand Sofa RARE – 6 LI
04{Why Not?} Lomand Armchair – 3 LI
05{Why Not?} Lomand Coffee Table .- 3 LI
06{Why Not?} Lomand Dining Table- 3 LI
07{Why Not?} Lomand Dining Chair – 4 LI
08{Why Not?} Lomand Couples Bed – 17 LI
09{Why Not?} Lomand Clothes Rail – 12 LI
10{Why Not?} Lomand Blanket Box – 3 LI
11{Why Not?} Lomand Wall Table – 6 LI
12{Why Not?} Lomand Side Table Set – 3 & 5 LI
13{Why Not?} Lomand Buffet – 13 LI

14{Why Not?} Lomand Christmas Tree – 12 LI
14{Why Not?} Lomand Tree Gifts – 7 LI

15{Why Not?} Lomand Deck Bench – 9 LI
16{Why Not?} Lomand Vanity Set – 4 LI
17{Why Not?} Lomand Couples Sleigh – 5 LI

18{Why Not?} Lomand Xmas Cabin Snow Roof – 16 LI
18{Why Not?} Lomand Fir Tree – 3 LI

19{Why Not?} Lomand Place Setting – 6 LI
19{Why Not?} Lomand Hot Coco & Cookies – 3 LI
19{Why Not?} Lomand Table Centre Wreath – 9 LI
19{Why Not?} Lomand Red Wine – 1 LI

20{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Bedroom Rug – 3 LI
20{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Fireplace Rug – 4 LI

21{Why Not?} Lomand Wall Candles – 3 LI
21{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Wreath – 3 LI

22{Why Not?} Lomand Believe Blocks – 1 LI
22{Why Not?} Lomand Gift Boxes – 5 LI
22{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Table Lanterns – 8 LI
22{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Tree Decor – 1 LI

23{Why Not?} Lomand Festive Leaning Wall Decor – 4 LI
23{Why Not?} Lomand Starlight Floor Decor – 4 LI

Inflatable Carol Snowmen – 13 LI by CHEZ MOI
Touch it to display the sound menu and some random Xmas sounds will play – set the volume and frequency


H&G lovers – we have a new group for Home & Garden Creations and blogging:
Home & Garden Dreams

Welcome are all designers and bloggers for H&G related creations and posts.
Some of the participating Designers have a little group gift next to their kiosks.
Group is free to join!

Group inworld (ask us for the group tag as designer or blogger)
Flickr Group
Facebook Group

Have fun shopping 🙂


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