Winter snuggles place

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Winter comes and it is getting colder and colder. Do you know those little huts, shacks or kinda little places in the forests?
Shabby , very cold, no heating but absolutely amazing, beautiful and romantic?
I like those places but I am also a person who is a real Frostköddel – this is a German expression in dialect from northern GErmany for a person who is always freezing. My German friends will laugh now when they are reading it and will say “Oh yes – she is often telling us, she is freezing, it is cold or, where is my blanket. 😉
This bed made by Dreamland Designs, looks very inviting for me, warm and comfy. And guess what?
Yes it is cold right now in RL and after this post I will go into my comfy and cozy bed. It is already waiting for me with its super warm winter blanket 🙂

Misty Plaids Lover’s Bed – 23 LI ==> @Girls Heaven Event – Round 12/21 Nov 14th – Dec 8th
Available in Adult & PG, Bento Animations Only.
Light on/off by touching the bulb

older items:
Vintage Country Rugs Set – Set of 4 rugs – each 4 LI

Dreamland Designs:
Mainstore / Marketplace

Crate Bench – 5 LI – by LouChara
Key Frames Decor – 2 LI – by LouChara

Louchara Mainstore
Louchara Marketplace

Log Side Table & Candles – 3 LI – by Lacrime dell’anima
3 Styles included in pack

Room set-up in house:
Princess Jezibell Snug – 65 LI – by Scarlet Creative


H&G lovers – we have a new group for Home & Garden Creations and blogging:
Home & Garden Dreams

Welcome are all designers and bloggers for H&G related creations and posts.
Some of the participating Designers have a little group gift next to their kiosks.
Group is free to join!

Group inworld (ask us for the group tag as designer or blogger)
Flickr Group
Facebook Group

Have fun shopping 🙂


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Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog,
it is much appreciated.

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