Sweet Dreams

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One of my newest sponsors is Zen Creations. Zhoie Zimmermann, the creator of Zen Creations, is
creating virtual decor since 2008, offering a wide range of decor styles for every taste.
Reading about her RL story, with sisters who are talented interior designers and herself love to decorate her surroundings as well, it is her aim to do this in SL too.
Lucky she is creating in SL for us, expressing her creativity in a virtual world which opens so many endless and exciting possibilities in designing.

Sweet Dreams Bed Set – Zen Creations
Loaded with animations for singles, couples, cuddles, adult anims (also 3somes MMF/FFM))
Wearing the included hud, you can resize it and texture it to your liking and needs.
Pillows & canopy disappear/reappear on touch, touch single candles to turn flame on/off
touch lamp bulb to turn light on/off.
Included are bed, canopy, lights, candles, pillows, ottoman with decor on right, flowers, curtains, hanging plant

Floral Dresser DuoZen Creations
Set of 2 floral dressers (pink & yellow flowers)
resizeable on touch

Home Jar Deco Set – Zen Creations
Decor only, resizeable on touch

Love Shelf – Zen Creations
Decor only, resizeable on touch

Kitty & Puppy File Boxes – Zen Creations
Decor only, resizeable on touch

Zen Creations Mainstore
Zen Creations Marketplace
Zen Creations Website

Vintage shabby rectangle rug – MOoH!
Wrinkled round boho rug – MOoH!
MOoH Mainstore
MOoH Marketplace

Have fun shopping 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me.
Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog,
it is much appreciated.

1 thought on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Zhoie Zimermann October 10, 2021 — 00:40

    Beautiful photography and room set up, love how you made this wide room work so well, very unique idea putting multi-dressers in. Love the outdoor scene as well through the windows. Beautiful work, such an inviting scene, thank you for including Zen in your lovely art work!


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