Home at Christmas

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Old Wooden Christmas Console table –  Dreamland Designs    ==> @Swank(until  December 31st)

incl. Decor vase and candles

On the console table I also arranged the   Winter Gourmandises cups/bowls by Petit Chat.
The set includes:
Cup of Hot Chocolate 1 & 2
Cup of Marshmallow 1 & 2
1 Li each

Winter Gourmandises  –  Petit Chat     *Exclusicve Group Gift*  December 2020
(one time fee of 50L$ to join the group)

At the wall above the console table I put this fantastic wall snowflake clock from Noveny !
Available in different colours.


Snowflake Clock – Noveny 


Christmas Cabin Gacha Set  –  Dreamland Designs ==> @Gimme Gacha Imaginarium   (Dec 1st to 31st)

15 Items:
1 ULTRARAE Bento Adult
1 Rare Bento PG
13 Common

Bento Animations, Material Enabled, Lights On The Ladder, Lights on the Star Wreath
Centerpiece with candle script

Showing on the photo:
1.DD Christmas Cabin Seat-Adult ULTRARARE
3.DD Country Cabin Wreath
4.DD Country Cabin Sled
5.DD Country Cabin Christmas Wall Decor
6.DD Country Cabin Table Wreath
7.DD Country Cabin Wood Table
8.DD Country Cabin Layered Rugs
9.DD Country Cabin Ski Coat Rack
10.DD Country Cabin Marshmellow Bowl
11.DD Country Cabin Lamp
12.DD Country Cabin Hot Chocolate Tray
13.DD Country Cabin Sideboard
14.DD Country Cabin Star Wreath
15.Country Cabin Christmas Ladder

Not shown:
2.DD Christmas Cabin Seat-PG RARE
it is looking the same like the Ultrare but it is onl with PG anims

You recieve the GOI after every Tenth Pull and will not be available after the event is over:
DD Country Cabin Christmas Crate GOI


Christmas Candles Set  – Noveny    – Red
Christmas Candles Set  – Noveny    – Gold
3 Texture available, Candles on/off script, 3Li Each one


Farmhouse Christmas Fireplace Set  – Dreamland Designs

Fireplace with menu
crackling sound and fire burstsand Bento Animations
Material Enabled
The decor above the fireplace is included

Farmhouse Christmas Tray  Dreamland Designs
only decor


Christmas Stockings  – Noveny   
12 textures available !


Aged Gold Twisty Red Holiday Lantern  – Swank & Co.     ==> @Swank (until  December 31st)
Aged Silver Twisty Red Holiday Lantern  – Swank & Co.==> @Swank (until  December 31st)


Holidays Sledge Decor  – Blue/Blanket  –  Petit Chat     ==> @ I Heart the Cart Event  (until  December 31st)
The set includes (in 6 colors) :
** Holidays Sledge with gifts : 3 Li
** Holidays Sledge with blanket and gifts : 3LI
Texture menus for
** Each gift (paper and ribbon)
** Blanket.

Have fun shopping 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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