I Love Cats

I always loved cats and had cats as my pet.

My last pet was a little one I got from a farmer here in our village. I wanted to get one and thought to ask them and while I was there on the hayloft, a lot of cats were around.
The farmer said take your time and when you have decided tell me, I will catch it for you. But be aware that you need to tame it at home.
well so I stood there and waited, then I heard a little fiep and a little cute cat came around. A baby. Came to me and climbed up on me . Sat down in my hands and “talked” to me.

I said ok, you want to go with me it seems, then I will take you. The farmer said first no because she wanted to keep it herself but after we spoke some time she said, ok.

So I brought my little baby cat home. He was so cute but also very ill in the beginning. We feared he maybe don’t survive.  The vet told us this cat was only 4 weeks old, couldn’t keep  anything. So I prepared special “milk” for him from the vet and fed him with a syringe.
This made us very close and our connection was very close, I think he thought I was his mum 🙂

Such a cute and nice story came to an end 6 years later. My cat was very ill and that was maybe his mum let it there in the stall when she moved and put her other babies somewhere else. The farmer told me she found the little cat in the stall and let it there for one day and waited if mum goes to get it. But she didnt came back.

Still love my little sunshine, but couldn’t get another pet all  the years now and believe me it is a very long time now.
But if you once get through a cat’s fight with illness and bad pains and then dies in the night, you can’t help it, thats what I don’t want to get through again.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

I list everything I am wearing here although you may can’t see it completely here on this photo, but as you know, I am always crediting everything.

Hair / Haare – Tableau Vivant – Spirit    ==> @Kustom9
Head / Kopf  – Lelutka – Fleur
Skin / Haut Face – Bold & Beauty  – Kristina  ==> @Uber
Skin / Haut Body – Bold & Beauty  – Maitreya Omega Body Applier  ==> @Uber
Fingernails / Fingernägel – Avada – Ballerina Mesh Nails – Carrera  ==> @Gems by Unik
Meshbody  – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – Lelutka – Default Shape Fleur (face unedited/body edited)



Outfit – 1313 Mockingbird Lane – My Familiar PJs   ==> @The Mystical Market (Aug 28th to Sep 8th)

5L Hunt Prize



Ring – Luova – Cat Ring  ==> @Gems by Unik
Rigged for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Meshbody
incl. singular rings for each finger and also
unrigged version for ring finger  l+r
Hud driven – 3 options:
12 metal, 24 colours for cat&gem



Secret Poses – Annie


Have fun shopping 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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