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Casa de bebe is also taking part in this amazing May round of Swank Event. Boho Chic is also a good theme for furniture and decor.
I was just thinking – when I saw this bedroom – to set-up my bedroom in RL the same. I am planning to do and already should have done but then came the corona crisis and also furniture shops and markets were closed as also company for the new flooring didnt work as well. So now I am planning to do it later. I was thinking to do that in autumn but they say there will be may be a second wave with this new virus – no one knows really what happens and when. So I say maybe renovating then next year. I will see.
At least I can use this one here in SL 🙂

Saffron Bedroom  – Casa de Bebe    ==>@Swank


{CdB} Saffron Bed – Adult – 23 LI
{CdB} Saffron Wicker Table 2 LI
{CdB} Oaxacan Planter 2 LI
{CdB} Saffron Lantern sm 5 LI
{CdB} Saffron Lantern 5 LI
{CdB} Ball Cactus 2 LI
{CdB} Ball Cactus Basket , large 2 LI
{CdB} Ball Cactus Basket, small 2 LI
{CdB} Black & White Wool Rug 4 LI
{CdB} Ivory & Black Vintage Moroccan Kilim Rug 3 LI
{CdB} Vintage Kilim Moroccan Rug, Natural 4 LI
{CdB} Tesoro Hanging Lantern 4 LI
{CdB} Saffron Ladder Chair & Blanket Deco 6 LI
{CdB} Books Cage with Red Bird 15 LI
{CdB} Antique Console Table 5 LI
{CdB} African Wall Plates 1 LI
{CdB} Areca Palm 7 LI


Also used:
3. Scarlet Creative Berry Wood – 113 LI


Have fun shopping 🙂


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