Relaxing Massage

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After a long, busy day it is fantastic to get a massage. I am regularly using this opportunity and it really helps my muscles after sitting all day long at the computer for my rl job.
A wellness massage is so relaxing , you should give it a try.
here in Sl you can get this massage set from Simple Refelctions, exclusive available at Swank May round for you.

Massage table set (full set)  –  Simple Reflections    ==>@Swank


SR SS 2020 massage table (incl. deco&mat) – 4LI
SR SS 2020 massage table counter (incl. decor) – 4 LI
SR SS 2020 pan picture frame (not shown here) – 1 LI
SR SS 2020 potted spider bamboo (left&right) – each 2 LI
SR SS 2020 egg lamp (left&right) – each 1 LI
SR SS 2020 egg lamp L

incl. animations via menu:
– massage animations
– adult couple animations

I set it up on the amazing treehouse creation from Swank & Co. – also exclusive for this May round of Swank Event with it’s theme Boho Chic.

This treehouse comes as rez version and has 95 LI.

Boho Tree House  by Swank & Co.     ==>@Swank

blogged here before


Have fun shopping 🙂


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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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