Harshlands Devonshire Castle at Fantasy Faire


The Fantasy Faire has opened it gates from Apr 23rd until May 10th 2020. You can find there a lot of amazing creators for all your Fantasy set-ups, accessories, furniture and more in a beautiful setting. A big faire – themed all fantasy – to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.
Also are held a lot of events and you should and explore this faire over 13 sims.

On one of those sims you find Harshlands with it’s fantasy themed creations. I am showing you here his amazing non-RFL exclusives for the faire.
Devonshire Castle Keep and Devonshire Wall and Gates as well as Creeoing Ivy.

With those you can build a perfect castle – with walls and gate – or use the castle individual alone as I did with walls in my photo.
But I also show you below how a set-up could look as building – all used with those I mentioned.

Teleport to Harshlands at Sirens Lore (Fantasy Faire 2020)

Teleport to Harshlands Mainstore

Link for Teleports to Fantasy Faire – Fairelands 2020 


[Harshlands] Devonshire Caslte Keep
168 LI – stairs to the roof, scripted doors, materials enhanced, mod/copy/no trans

[Harshlands] Devonshire Walls and Gate
A pack to complete your castle:
1 Gate – 43 LI, 1 Tower (13 LI), 3 Walls (2,3 or 4 LI), 2 Stone Stairs (9 or 10 LI)
scripted gate, materials enhanced, mod/copy/no trans

[Harshlands] Creeping Ivy
5 Different pieces, 4 seasons variations, 1 – 4 LI, materials enhanced
mod/copy/no trans

Have fun exploring & Shoppeing 🙂


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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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