We are not living in good times at the moment, to be honest it feels very strange. Some time ago I wrote about it and being able in SL to be on holiday everywhere we would like to be at the moment.
In RL – due to the Corona Virus, causing Covid-19 illness, we are bound in our countries, regions, states, communities and worse some are bound to stay in their houses. In Germany we can go outside and be at the fresh air, can walk around but we must keep distance to other people than to our own family, we are living in one household together. Now we have to wear masks here too in RL from next week on when we are going shopping or taking public transport – in situations we can’t keep  the distance properly. I got mine delivered yesterday and thought this morning, ok, then taking one and go shopping – if I start today or next week doesn’t matter.
There are so many things, I see and wondering about people, I am also sometimes wondering, do I do this  right, or do I strange things as well? I mean, watch the people around you it is interesting what they are doing to feel safe – the same as you do to feel safe?

Well, I wasn’t the only one with mask but I felt strange, it is so unusual and my body and brain was fighting against this cloth in front of my mouth and nose – it felt so strange and not needed – also when you think this looks ok and is easy to breath – it is not – it is really NOT when you go around and move, you need oxygen.
With each breath it gets warmer and warmer around your mouth – well at least it was my impression and yes I think we need get used to it.
I remember the times when my employer adviced us to wear safety gloves, ear plugs, safety shoes and recently safety goggles – it was a matter of getting used to it. After some time, it was a situation when you stand up to go to the production, you grab your PPE automatically before you go – so I hope this will be the same !

Other thing I realised is how difficult it is to read the reactions in the faces of people – there is missing half of the face and you can’t see, are they friendly, smiling or in a bad mood.
What about people who are deaf and need to see our lips to understand what we are saying ? As I said, a LOT to learn and think about and getting used to.

I for myself can say,  enjoying my time in SL as I ever did, as a place where I dont have to go through our boundaries we have in RL. I don’t get the point of wearing masks in SL –
as an escape from RL do we really need that in here? Is the situation in RL not stressing, strange and heartbreaking enough in a lot of countries? Do we really need that in SL?
If you need that in SL too, do so, do whatever you need to, but don’t be offended when I go over your photos without looking at them.
Saying this, stay safe and healthy !

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Hair / Haare – tram J0324   ==> @Collabor88

Head / Kopf  – Tonic – Tempest Bento Head v2.1b  ==> @eBento
newest release with 12 Skin tones by Pink Fuel, 7 Eyeshadows by AlaskaMetro, Omega Built. And so much more !
Try a Demo before buying!

Eyes / Augen –Avi-Glam – Tease Eyes
Skin / Haut – Tonic – Tempest Bento Head v2.1b  (based on: Pink Fuel)
Fingernails / Fingernägel & Polish/Lack – Avada~ Ballerina Nails – Sloan  – Pink
Meshbody  –  Tonic – Fine Beauty
Shape – B(u)Y Me: TONIC Tempest – Millenium Shape Shape (Face untouched)/Body slightly edited  ==> @eBento



Top – MOZ Designs – Camilla Cowl Neck Top
Sizes for Belleza, ebody curvy, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink & Tonic

Shoes / Schuhe – MOZ Designs – Elsa Platform Ankle Boots   ==> @Swank

Pants / Hose – Tonic  – Influence high waisted jeans
Available in 2 colour packs – each 16 colours and 6 metal colours. Huds are sold separately.
Also includes a regular, booty & boot fit…
Only for Tonic mesh bodies !



Rings – Livia – Butterfly rings   ==> @Spring Flair 3

Necklace&Earrings / Kette&Ohrringe – Cae – Daisy :: Collection

Bag / Tasche – MY BAGS – My cuteness pink
Available in 5 Colours: blue, pink, red, yellow and Teal.
Includes a pose and non-pose version.


Dog / Hune – Mutresse  – Quirky Corgis-11



-XTC PoSes- Girl Nextdoor   ==> @La Vie en Pose (April 25th last day of April round


Have fun shopping 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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