Town House

Do you know that Schultz Bros. is also taking part at Swank Event February Round ? I am showing you here in this set-up his exclusive for this round of Swank Event:
an amazing Brown Stone House. I arranged more of them to a typical block – and looks now like you see on the photo – used 3 of them next to each other.
100% real brick with front, back and chimney. This townhouse has inside a fireplace made of brick, also has attic space and the basement has a private entry.

The garden area is the exclusive from CJ Creations for Swank February round. Also I will show you in one of the next posts this garden space indivdually. 🙂
This gardenset comes as rezbox. Includes: big tree, wall gardenscene, plants, flowers, ground, lamps, rocking chair, table (with props by touch)
The complete set has 26 prims, is copy & mod. You can unlink and re-arrange to your needs, what I did here .

I also took some decoration of a backdrop scene by DiMi’s creations to decorate the houses and street. Again here too, showing you the complete scene in one of the ext posts. Bike, little lamps at the end street, vespa with cat, all plants at the house.



[Schultz Bros.] – 512 Broome St. Brownstone  –  91LI

CJ Creations – Capolona Gardenset

all  exclusive  at Swank Event



Have fun shopping 🙂


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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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