Today I am showing you the new released Bento Head “Morgan” from GA.EG.
It has been released on Friday , 31st January for a 20% off launching price.
Usual Price 3000 L$  /  Launching Price 2400 L$

You get the pack with following included:
– GA.EG Morgan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head
– GA.EG Morgan Bento Mesh Ears (Rigged)
– GA.EG Morgan Bento Mesh Ears (Unrigged)
– GA.EG Morgan Bento Mesh Ears Hole Filler (Rigged)
– GA.EG Morgan Bento Mesh Ears Shaper
– GA.EG Morgan Bento Mesh Teeth
– GA.EG Morgan Mesh Neckblend – Eve
– GA.EG Morgan Mesh Neckblend – Legacy
– GA.EG Morgan Mesh Neckblend – Maitreya
– GA.EG Morgan Mesh Neckblend – Slink
– GA.EG Morgan Mesh Neckblend – Standard
– GA.EG Morgan Shape
– GA.EG Morgan Brows Shaper
– GA.EG Morgan Smart Hud
– GA.EG Morgan Bento Facial AO
– GA.EG Morgan Talk on Voice 1 Animation
– GA.EG Morgan Talk on Voice 2 Animation
– GA.EG Morgan Talk on Voice 3 Animation

AND The BOM head skins are included in a box in the folder of your head. Just unbox it to get them.

I really like this head and also the huds are structured and easy to use 🙂 You can also get a lot of add ons for your heads and install them into the huds as add ons.

The head is also Omega compatible (with relay hud) and BOM ready. You can use skins via smart hud as applier, via Omega appliers or also as BOM layers.
Via Smart Hud you can choose:
– 8 skins (nude, freckles and wrinkles version)
– 8 tones for mouth
– 3 shades for teeth
– 2 Alpha Lashes & 1 3d lashes
– 15 colours for brows
– 12 eyeshadows
– 3 eyeliners
– 3 blushes
– 3 beauty marks

The FACIAL AO includes a STARTING PACK with some essential facial animations.
But you can extend its possibilities with the optional FACIAL AO PACKS !

► TIP : You can manually launch any of your Animated Emotes, Default Blink, Default Eyes or Default Lips animation,
just by double-clicking the corresponding icon in your Facial AO !

To learn more about your Smart HUD and your Facial AO, please refer to these pages :
Female Smart Hud Help
Bento Facial AO Help
GA.EG Website

Please note that your GA.EG Head does not include any eyes because it is compatible with all kinds
of eyes : mesh or standard eyes. So you can use the ones you already have in your inventory with it !

Another Tip for you:
In this version it is no more mandatory to wear any head alpha. The default SL head is automatically hidden
when you wear your GA.EG Bento head!

So hurry over and try a demo first before buying.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Hair / Haare – Lamb. – Lover – Gingers Pack   ==> @Fameshed
Head / Kopf  – GA.EG – Morgan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head    *NEW*   20% off launching price
Eyes / Augen – Avi Glam – Alluring Eyes
Skin / Haut Face – GA.EG – Morgan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head  *BOM*    *NEW*   20% off launching price
Skin / Haut Body – GA.EG – Mia Body Skin Applier
Make-Up – from GA.EG – Morgan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head  *BOM*    *NEW*   20% off launching price
Meshbody  –  Maitreya – Lara
Nails incl. polish / FIngernägel incl. Design – Avada – Ballerina Nails – GMYH   ==> @Unik  opens Feb 7th
Shape –  GA.EG – Morgan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head  Shape   *NEW*   20% off launching price



Dress / Kleid – MOoH ! – Becky Dress   for The Stupid Cupid hunt  Feb 3rd-29th
Hint: Bears and pigs need love too!
Lace ruffle dress for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic and classic ava.
Includes 6-colourchange-hud.



Rings / RInge – Livia – Mina Bento Ring Set   ==> @Crush Event Jan 24th to Feb 20th
Rigged mesh for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, & Tonic BENTO hands
HUD loaded with 8 metal & gem colors
Show/Hide Rings; Materials On/Off



Stardust – Princess 03

Have fun shopping 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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