Don’t judge anyone from the outside

Don’t judge anyone from the outside!
Even an igloo made of ice,
is warm from the inside!

 – Abinash Dewraja

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Hair / Haare – Sirengraph – Ally
Head / Kopf  – Lelutka – Simone
Eyes / Augen –Lelutka – Simone
Skin / Haut – Glam Affair – Enea
Meshbody  –  Maitreya – Lara
Shape – selfmade



Outfit complete – Hilly Haalan – Jemima Boots
incl. Hoodie, Leggings, Boots & Hat



Igloo Hangout – {-sonder-}    ==> @Swank Event
15 LI – includes Polar Bear Chair

Polar Bear Chair – {-sonder-}    ==> @Swank Event
2 LI – included in Igloo / 7 animations

Campfire Hangout – {-sonder-}    ==> @Swank Event
28 LI / includes stump. log and campfire / 5 animations

Polar Pal – {-sonder-}    ==> @Swank Event
5 LI / Animations

{-sonder-} is a store created for the imagination and vibrance of the children of Second Life.
They are specialized in clothing, home decor, trinkets, wearables, and more to enhance your SL childhood.


Sled Villalobos – 8 LI –  Armonia Decor [AD]




Have fun shopping 🙂


Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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