Winter Wonderland Sled Scenery

Swank Events December round is still running for you ! It’s fantastic theme this month is “Winter Wonderland”.
Find all for your  needs in decoration for your home ! A lot of beautiful creations of amazing designers for this theme are waiting for you to discover.  They also have gifts out for you – look under the blue Christmas Trees in the corners. There are 4 in total. Group required.

I am showing you here this amazing Winter Wonderland Sled Scene by CJ Creations. Thank you for this amazing scene !:)

The pack includes:

In Pack comes:

*Deco around:
6 Prims for Trees…
3 Prims for the Gate with 7 diff. Props inside by touch
1 Prim if someone need the Snowground – optional

21 Prims with 3 diff. Wood Texture (Snow, Light + Dark in Menu by touch)
and each Wood with 5 diff. Texture for your choice (15 diff. Texture inside)

19 diff. Single F or M
7 diff. Friends Animations (single can sit alone and drink hot Drinks too)
26 diff. Couple PG for cuddle or drink Champagne together under nice Firework
– Shoveling Snow comes with Animation inside if you sit on it
– Firework is very nice + can be start on/off over Menu by touch the Gate too!
Sound Box (sound on/off by touch) is includet the Pack – optional
Small Video:

Complete Set copy/mody – scripts no mody
Props and Sounds -> Copy
30 Prims for this lovely set ~ enjoy

Winter Wonderland Sled Set   –  CJ Creations    ==> @Swank Event


Have fun shopping 🙂


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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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