The Winter Guardian

In a great big wood in a great big tree, there’s the nicest little house
that could possibly be.
There’s a tiny little knocker on the tiny little door,
and a tiny little carpet on the tiny little floor.
There’s a tiny little table, and a tiny little bed,
and a tiny little pillow for a tiny weeny head;
A tiny little blanket, and a tiny little sheet,
and a tiny water bottle (hot) for tiny little feet.
A tiny little eiderdown; a tiny little chair; and a tiny little kettle
for the owner (when he’s there.)
In a tiny little larder there’s a tiny thermos bottle
for a tiny little greedy man who knows the Woods Of Pottle
There’s a tiny little peg for a tiny little hat
and a tiny little dog and a tiny little cat.

If you’ve got a little house and you keep it spic and span,
Perhaps there’ll come to live in it a tiny little man
You may not ever see him, he is extremely shy;
But if you find a crumpled sheet –
Or pins upon the window seat –
Or see the marks of tiny feet –
You’ll know the reason why.

 – Author: Elizabeth Godley

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

[HL] The Winter Guardian – regular
26 LI, 2 variants: regular and snowy
with a little tiny room in the tree ! So adorable.

Harshlands      ==> @Enchantment


The surrounding witner landscape is from Xantes – also available at Enchantment. Modifiable, unlinkable and can be re-arranged as well to your needs. Absolutely stunning!

~ xantes ~ Snowy Hillock – Winter Dream      ==> @Enchantment

53 LI



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