The Fireplace

What is it about a fireplace
that draws you to its flame?
Is it the warmth created
like a sun that came
and shone upon your body
with the intensity of heat?
Or is it the comfortable feeling
which makes you feel replete?

The flicker and the crackle,
the sizzle that you hear
invites your senses to remain
close to the hearth and peer
hypnotically tranquilized
quietly taking a rest
like a bird in sunshine
in a cozy, cozy nest.

 – Edwina Reizer

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


<Heart Homes> Harvest Warmth – Fireplace – PG – 29 LI
<Heart Homes> Harvest Fireplace – Sheepskin Rug – 1 LI
With all deco and included animations, singles and couples, with rezzing props

<Aphrodite> Warm Fall couple chair ADULT – 7 LI
also available in PG version
91 animations+5 props with texture change

<Aphrodite> – Decorative pillow pumpkins set (3 incl.) – each 2 LI

Petit Chat – Corky Owl Decor – 1 LI  ==> *I Heart the Cart Hunt* (end Oct 31st)
more info here

Petit Chat – Autumnal Diner Tray Set – 7 LI    ==> *I Heart the Cart Hunt* (end Oct 31st)
The set includes several pieces for you to create your decor as you wish.
This set is sold as a whole. It includes :
— Tray (2L)
— Tureen (1 Li)
— Bowl (1 Li)
— Hot Chocolate Mug (1 Li)
— Plate (1 Li)
— Spoon (1 Li)

As an example, there is also a linkset (7 Li).
It’s all modifiable and unlinkable, so you may modify it to your liking, or create yours with all the pieces in the pack.

Have fun shopping 🙂




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