Little dark princess room

Tumbling ringlets, pale strung gold
will draw you to her sweet, sharp cold.
Glassy eyed, she’ll grab your lungs,
steal your breath
and tie your tongue

Porcelain, her skin, like cream
will brush your cheek in honeyed dreams.
She’ll fill you up, then drain you dry.
Break your will
and black your sky

 – Metaphorest

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Dreamland Designs –  Gothica Canopy Bed-PG Boxed  ==> @Swank (October 7th to 28th)
DD Gothica Canopy Bed-PG 10 LI
DD Gothica Candleabra 8 LI
DD Gothica Chair-PG 3 LI
DD Gothica Rug 2 LI
DD Gothica Metal Mirror 2 LI
DD Gothica Metal Wall Candle 2 LI

HarshLands – Voodudes (Gacha)    ==> @Gachaland (October)
[HL] Voodude GLE – Demogorgon *award item every 20 plays*
[HL] Voodude #2 – RARE Freddy
[HL] Voodude #6 – Pin Head
[HL] Voodude #1 – RARE Chucky
[HL] Voodude #12 – Bloody & Pins
[HL] Voodude #3 – RARE Samara
[HL] Voodude #7 – Penny
[HL] Voodude #2 – RARE Freddy



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