Language of flowers

Most of us know that flowers have a language of their own.
Or a meaning when you get them or also gift them to someone.
The most known is the romantic meaning of flowers, did you get flowers from your loved one or send flowers to the person of your interest ? Here are some manings:

Red Roses – Perfect love, respect
Pink & White Roses – I love you still and always will
Pink Rose – To my friend, perfect happiness
Red Tulips – Declaration of love
White Lilies – Purity, It’s heavenly to be with you
Sunflower – Loyalty
Orchids – Love, beauty, mature charm
Cactus – Endurance
Crocus – Cheerfulness
Daffodil – Regard; Unrequited Love; You’re the Only One; The Sun is Always Shining When I’m with You
Daisy – Innocence; Loyal Love; I’ll Never Tell; Purity
Dandelion – Faithfulness; Happiness
Forget-Me-Not- True Love; Memories
Magnolia – Nobility
Mistletoe – Kiss me; Affection; To Surmount Difficulties; Sacred Plant of India; Magic Plant of the Druids
Primrose – I Can’t Live Without You
Tulip General – Perfect Lover; Fame; Flower Emblem of Holland
Tulip Red – Believe Me; Declaration of Love
Violet- Modesty

These are only a few general meanings and for some flowers are alsodifferent meanings with colours.

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Quality Gardens – Miranda Flower Tricycle – 9 LI
The Looking Glass – Harmony Garden Daisies – 3 LI
The Looking Glass – Harmony Garden Rockery Large 15 LI
The Looking Glass – Harmony Garden Birdhouse Tree Two – 9 LI
Hayabusa Design – Wild Raspberries Bush Plant M15-3 v1-2 – 6LUI




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