Pool Season

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What is better than to have a big pool outside in summer?

See this amazing pool setup from Simple Refelctions, currently available at Boardwalk Event.
It can be used and connectes with your houses or use as stand alone like I did.
You can change the textures via the texture changer menu, which is in the front hedge and the circular seating area has sit targets in the first and third pillows, and in the back hedge and the wood part of the seating area. The pillows at the front of the pool each have their own sit targets and the tubes are the sit targets for the pool animations which have single and couple animations in it.The pool itself can be recoloured as well.

The lounger also from Simple Refelctions is also available at Boardwalk Event.
Lounger and umbrella are colour change. 25 single sits, 19 cuddles, 18 adult animations.

Retro Radio – works with many stations.

Pool Deck Add On – 15LI – Simple Reflections   ==> @Boardwalk Event

Beach lounger&umbrella – 4 LI – Simple Reflections   ==> @Boardwalk Event

Retro radio – 1 LI – Simple Reflections   ==> @Boardwalk Event

other items used:

Jiwa Tenang Beach Pot Plant Palm – 5 LI – The Looking Glass  (also blogged here)

Virtual plant Fern C tropical 6x7m – 1prim – Virtual nature

TropicalPalm{Animated} – Little Branch – 6 LI


Have fun shopping 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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