Owl Guardian Ruins

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Boardwalk is running with it’s 5 th round until August 15th.

If you are looking for some decor for your home this is the place to go and have a look !


The Owl Guardian Ruins you can get with base and without and can be resized. I used the one with base and this build has
50 LI (witout grass cliff base it is 30 LI). And as you all know if you resize mesh LI will increase.
Also I used the Moorhen Pool with 22 LI from Fat Bird. Ît cannot decreased in size but you can make it bigger. But also here, increasing means also more LI then. Both decor items you can get at this round of Boardwalk.

The beautiful big tree in the background is Bloodwood Tree with 46 LI. It is loaded with some nice animations !
Available as decor only, pg and adult version !
It is from3rd Eye Perceptions and also available at Boardwalk Event.

The Lemon Espalier with 10LI are from Illusions of Grandeur and also to get at Boardwalk.

The Husky in this scene is from Jian, a wanderer and has 14 LI. you can find it in their mainstore.



Owl Guardian Ruins – Fat Bird   ==> @Boardwalk Event

Moorhen Pool  – Fat Bird   ==> @Boardwalk Event

The Bloodwood Tree – 3rd Eye Perceptions    ==> @Boardwalk Event

Lemon Espalier – Illusions of Grandeur  ==> @Boardwalk Event

Legacy Husky Wanderer – Jian



Have fun shopping 🙂




Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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