Boho Tropic Kitties

Swank Event is still running with it’s Ocean Breeze Round for July.
EVHAH – one of my favourite stores for beach furniture – is taking part with a living room set for your beach home.
The Kuta Set from EVH comes with chairs and sofa with beautiful boho textures. Also loaded with a lot of animations.
The chairs include only singe female and male poses to sit. The sofa is a swinger duo sofa for up to 2 couples, single poses, male poses, cuddle and sex.
To complete the set there are also tables and decor stuff.

Set includes:

evh Kuta Chair – 7LI
evh Kuta table – 3LI
evh Kuta Picture – 2 LI
evh Kuta table – 3LI
evh Kuta Heart plant – 2LI
evh Kuta Planter Of Love – 1LI
evh Kuta rug – 1 LI
evh Kuta Monstera Plant – 4LI
evh Kuta Couch Swinger – 14LI
evh Kuta table 3 – 2 LI
evh Kuta table2 – 2 LI
evh Kuta Boho Pictures – 2LI
evh Kuta Strawberry Planter – 4LI

Kuta Set  –  EVHAH   ==> @Swank

Also Boardwalk Event is running with  it’s 5th round. Again a lot of creations for your home, garden and also poses !
Image Essentials has such a nice release at Boardwalk Event Exclusive. As a cat lover, Kay you hit the ground for me !!!
Cats everywhere :)))

These exclusive are 15 FULL PERM original mesh Cats. They have 5 different textures and a normal specular map.
For changing the colour of these little, cute cats go into texture tab and put in the texture of the pack.

Each cat costs 125L and is exclusive to Boardwalk for this round.

I used in my scenes:

Full Perm Mesh Cat – Stretching 2 white – 2LI
Full Perm Mesh Cat – Poking black – 1LI
Full Perm Mesh Cat – Cleaning tiger – 2 LI
IE – Full Perm Mesh Cat – Sleeping ginger – 2LI
IE – Full Perm Mesh Cat – Sitting Rub ginger 1LI
IE – Full Perm Mesh Cat – Lying Rub black – 1LI

Full Perm Mesh Cats – Image Essentials   ==> @Boardwalk Event

The house I used is

Formentera House by  (Milk Motion)


Have fun shopping 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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