Old world

2 other exclusives at Baoardwalk Event to get until June 15th.

The Sorverer’s Fountain by Candle and Cauldron has 3 LI, is materials enabled as you can see in the photo, has a seasonal hud for summer, autumn and winter. You also can switch on and off the sound.

Sorcerer’s Fountain  –  {Candle&Cauldron}      ==> @Boadwalk Event


2nd I want to show you is the Medieval Table and Medieval Bench by Old World, exclusive at Boardwalk Event.
Each is available in 4 different versions. 1 LI each

Medieval table v2 (dirt)  –  Old World    ==> @Boadwalk Event
Medieval stool v1  –  Old World    ==> @Boadwalk Event


Monstera Plant v1  – 2 LI – Mindgardens Creations
Monstera Plant Spread v1  – 3 LI  –  Mindgardens Creations
MG – Garden Sunflower  –  5 LI  –  Mindgardens Creations

S39 Grass_Wild  –  1 LI  – TM Creation


Have fun shopping 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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