Manosque Set & Stoneware Crockery

Again I am here with a beautiful set of furniture and decorating – this time mostly by Petit Chat with some decor items as well.

Petit Chat released this beautiful set of Manosque cupboards, Stone Crockery Set, Cabinets Set as well as a matching Table & Chairs Set.

The cupboards are resizeable, modifiable and you can also change via colour in the texture tab a bit.
Available in the main colours candy, lime, mint & teal as also in bi-colour versions.
6 LI

Matching Stoneware Crockery is also available. Different items and land impacts from 1 LI to 3 LI.
Available in the main colours candy, lime, mint & teal.

Another additional set is the Manosque Cabinets Set.
This set includes :
— Server : 2 LI
— Drawers : 1 Li
— Double Sideboard : 1 Li
— Single Sideboard : 1 Li

Each packs comes with the 4 pieces in single color and bi-color version.

Also for this series there is this Manosque Table&Chair Set available.
Set includes :
— Table : 4 Li – Texture change (4 wood color option)
— Simple Chair : 3 Li – Texture change (4 wood color option) – 11 Sit Animations
— Chair with flat cushion : 4 Li – Texture change (4 wood color option + 8 cushion option) – 11 Sit Animations


Manosque Cupboard  /  Manosque Cabinets Set  /  Manosque Table & Chair Set  /  Manosque Stoneware Crockery

==>  all from Petit Chat !

The decor I used here :

Candy Crunchers – Mini Fridge – Yellow     ==> @Boadwalk Event
Available in 6 colours. – 4 LI

Anna’s Attic – Farm Pitcher Worn Tiffany    ==> @Boadwalk Event
available in 4 colours/textures – 2 LI

Ariskea – [Relaxa] Cherry blossom Candle – 2 LI

Ariskea – [Charm] Aster Yellow Pots [Rose] – 1 LI

Ariskea – [La Coco] Roses Vase – 2 LI





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