Boardwalk Event is still running until June 15th. Still some time to get the beautiful creations of amazing designers.

I have set-up here a little scene of different items you can get at the Boardwalk Event.

I used the Housekeeper’s house by cinoe – exclusive for Boardwalk Event this round.
This house is an open space house with lots of windows to let the light into the house. With only 45 LI it is definitely a home with low land impact.

Housekeeper’s house (add)  –  [cinoe]    ==> @Boadwalk Event

On the terrace I used the potted Hibiscus by EED. You will get a pack with potted hibiscus in 3 colours.
They also include a resizer script and so you can modify their size as well to fit your home!Their LI are 12 for each.

Also in front of the terrace I put this adorable Birds Caravan by Myth. Bird animation via touch.
8 LI.

Potted Hibiscus  –  EED  ==> @Boadwalk Event

Bird Caravan – Myth  ==> @Boadwalk Event

And in the front of the house I used this picnic set by Salacity – also exclusive for Boardwalk Event.
The Pick-a-Nick table and accessories by Salacity – sold individually or as a fatpack.
The table of aged/sun-bleached wood with animations for solo (her&him) and couples. Some props are included also. It is available in
PG or Adult version.
Set of accessories  to make your picnic experience fuller! Tablecloth, picnic basket, drinks, condiments and two coolers (one with simple sitting animations and the other with a drink-giver) are included.

Pick-a-Nick-table & accessories – Salacity     ==> @Boadwalk Event

Well a funny thought –  when I thought of the title of this post , was thinking and thinking. Then I decided to call it Pick-A-Nick (acc. Salacity)…
Then looked on the first photo and had to laugh. Sitting there with a guy (Nick)…this time I picked a Nick for this post and the next one.
Just kiddding – his name is Roc 😉


Have fun shopping 🙂




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