I got this little cat (creator SEmotion) from one of my very best friends in SL.
I have known her now for 10 years I think. Time flies – we met around 2008 in SL (and we are rezzed in 2007).
We both have our ups and downs in SL with spending lots of time together, or with others, we lived on the same sim, we were absent from SL, and also when RL called us, we still sticked together again here.
The caring of friendship we give each other with not being angry because one of us has maybe not much time is what friendship is.
How often I am hearing in SL that people go on and delete you because your life changes in SL or RL and then making drama  –  well think of that never have been really friendship.
People meet and those people are coming your way of a reason – there is a saying – about this and it is so very true !
To all my very good friends, I am so glad we met and we are friends ! Although we don’t have much time like in the beginning, I treasure our friendship and am always there for you as I know, you are for me !
Love you all 🙂

Some people come
into our lives and quickly go.
Some people move
our souls to dance.
They awaken us to
a new understanding with
the passing whisper of their wisdom.
Some people make
the sky more beauiful to gaze upon.
They stay in our lives for a while,
leave footprints in our hearts,
and we are never,
ever the same.

  – Flavia Weedn

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦



Hair – Moon Hair – Bedshaped   *Saturday Sale 25-05-2019*
Head / Kopf  – Tonic – Coco
Eyes / Augen – Tonic – Coco eyes  with eye applier Avi-Glam – Luminous eyes
Skin  / Haut –  7 Deadly Skins – Baby
Eyebrows – Livia – Destiny Brows
Beauty Moles / Schönheitsflecken – Avada – Beauty Moles
Make-Up – used from Tonic – Coco Mesh Head Hud
Nails / Fingernägel – Livia – Iridescent Mesh Nails
Meshbody  – Tonic – Fine Beauty v5.1
Shape – selfmade




Blouse / Bluse – MOZ Designs – Natalie



Earrings / Ohrringe – Elle Boutique – Avril Earrings
Rings / Ringe – Elle Boutique – Laura Bento Rings
Nosering / Nasenring – Avada – Celeste
Cat – SEmotion Libellune Lap Kitty Animesh #9 Uncommon  *Gacha*



inbuilt in cat


Have fun shopping 🙂




Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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