Splish Splash


Showing you a fantastic pose prop by Image Essentials which reminds me of a situation in my childhood.
When I was around 6 years old we lived in a community with some houses and a lot of children around.
Once there was a severe weather with storm and heavy rains which flooded the streets and the water couldnt run through the canalisation, what led to a “big pool” on the car park and cars driving along made big splashes and that was so fun for us children to get wet all over and besides that  it also was summer and so we were outside in our swimsuits and had a lot of fun.

So this pose prop “Inner City Splash Party” by Image Essentials brought back this memory into my mind and thats what I always have when there is heavy rain outside. Most people open their umbrellas and run run run to get into the houses – but not me … I like that :))


Now you know what you have to do next time: ENJOY the rain !!!

This poses prop comes as mesh fire hydrant including water particles, featuring 8 single poses and 4 poses for a group up to 4 friends !
Currently available at eBENTO !


Image Essentials – Inner City Splash Party   ==> @eBento

Have fun shopping 🙂




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1 thought on “Splish Splash

  1. Excellent prop – must get that one – and so nice to hear about some of your sweet childhood memories, Sanni 🙂


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