Crispy winter


There are strange and mysterious sounds
when the winds of winter blow,
the long nights are crystal clear and cold,
and the fields and meadows are covered with snow.
The stars are frosty against the sky,
and the wind’s whistle is shrill,
as the snow blows against the house
and drifts against the hill.
Yet, I like to see during the winter
a white carpet on the ground,
to plod aimlessly in the deep snow,
where deer tracks abound.
I like to feel the stillness
of a crisp winter’s night,
watching a full moon rise over the horizon,
exposing a winter wonderland beautiful and bright.

(c) Joseph T. Renaldi

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In this winter scene I am showing you some items you can get exclusively at Swank Event December 🙂

I am starting with the items of the decor Set “Winter’s Love” by The Looking Glass.
It includes

TLG – Winter’s Love Cuddle Rug – 13LI
TLG – Winter’s Love Brazier – 5 LI
TLG – Winter’s Love Garden Decor – 10 LI
TLG – Winter’s Love Bridal Tree – Tinsel – 10LI
TLG – Winter’s Love Bridal Tree – Glitter – 10 LI
TLG – Winter’s Love Bridal Tree – Tinsel
TLG – Winter’s Love Powder Puff Tree – Glitter – 10 LI
TLG – Winter’s Love Frost Flowers – 2 LI

TLG – Winter’s Love Jar Lantern Gift – 7 LI

Also available new release by The Looking Glass “Snowy Fence” – available at Swank Event and Mainstore.
A fence, capped with snow, matching your winter scenery. Included are different parts/lengths and a gate.
All mod/copy and 2 LI each – different colours available !


The Looking Glass – Winter’s Love Decor Set  ==> @Swank

The Looking Glass – Snowy Fence  ==> @Swank     (& Mainstore)

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Aphrodite Shop  is  also exclusively at Swank Event with this awesome “Christmas Buffet Gacha”.
A long table with a lot of tasty Buffet parts:

4 Rares and 14 commons.

Buffet Table – RARE – 8LI
Big Santa Cake – RARE – 9LI
Joy Sign – RARE – 1LI
Vase Alstromeria Flowers – RARE – 2LI

14 commons see on the pic.

If you touch the items, you will get a menu with available pieces and/or animations.

Have Fun !

Aphrodite Shop – Christmas Buffet Gacha   ==> @Swank






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Event Info
Swank – December 2018
Theme:  Winter Wonderland
Facebook Swank Events / Facebook Swank Group / Flickr / SL Landmark



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Have fun shopping 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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