Travel. As much as you can.
As far as you can. 
As longer as you can.
Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.

 – Unknown


Items used for this scene:

Beautiful walnut cabinet with burl veneer door and drawers, polished brass hardware and inlays, and functioning lights, door, and drawers. It includes a full set of bar accessories: bottles of scotch, bourbon, and gin, a full ice bucket, a set of six glasses and a single glass. All accessories low-prim items.
The corner bar cabinet (yes I know, I didnt put it in the corner, I liked it there where I put it 😉 ) is configured for optimal level of detail, yet only requires 6 prims of land impact. The functioning scripts operate the door, drawers, and light. The light will automatically turn on when the door is opened and off when it is closed; it may also be manually turned on and off by clicking on the light fixture itself.

Salacity – Harper Avenue Bar Cabinet incl. Accessories    6 LI – Accessories each 1 LI
===>  @Blueprint (until Oct 12th 2018)




Safari Desk by Salacity is an interior with painted leather outers covering a solid wood., sports leather supports and polished, extra space insid

e for books and relics, a bulletin board in the lid to tack up local maps or field notes, and a supple leather writing surface for your letters home.

The desk is only 6 prims LI, neither animated nor scripted. For sitting animations, you can get the Salacity Safari Stool.

A small kit of accessories comes with the Safari Desk to fully prepare you for your trip. All accessories are very low-prim items.


Salacity – Safari Set incl. decor    11 LI in total (Sold individual: Desk incl. accessories and Safari Stool or as a set)
===> @Ultra



Casa de Begonia of the  Turtle Cay Set.

{CdB} Zebra Rug  1
{CdB} Moroccan Vintage Rug  1
{CdB} Moroccan Rug Zig Zag  1
{CdB} Vintage Moroccan Rug  1
{CdB} Snake Plant  2
{CdB} Fan Palm  1
{CdB} Rustic Ladder  3
{CdB} Turtle Cay Hanging Chair_Adult  5
{CdB} Rattan Coffee Table  4
{CdB} Yellow Butterfly Orchi d  2
{CdB} Lantern A   2
{CdB} Lantern B  2
{CdB} Lantern C  2


[Park Place] Oval Berber Patio Rug


Calojoan Creations  –  ****MAISON_style_ARABIAN****
196 LI



Have fun shopping 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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