I spent some time to set up this sepcial decor for a birthday or rezday party.
Surprise your friends with a big surprise party to their special days 🙂

First I am showing you here a lovely gacha set by MOoh! for Twelve.
Available at the event until September 30th for 50L a try and you can get there also a little special for 12 L only because it is also Twe12ve’s 2nd birthday.


MOoH’s Gacha set “Celebrate”     ==> @Twe12ve

Available are:

  • MOoH! Party tent 6LI RARE
  • MOoH! Stuffies birthday 4LI RARE
  • MOoH! Birthday table 4LI
  • MOoH! Gift box stack 1 4LI
  • MOoH! Gift box stack 2 4LI
  • MOoH! Heart balloon Red 2LI
  • MOoH! Heart balloon Blue 2LI
  • MOoH! Round balloon Red 2LI   <== not in this photo
  • MOoH! Round balloon Blue 2LI
  • MOoH! Weighted balloons 2LI
  • MOoH! Happy birthday sign 7LI
  • MOoH! Party marquee 4LI
  • MOoH! Celebrate marquee 5LI
  • MOoH! Party Neon Sign 4LI   <== not in this photo
  • MOoH! Polaroid String Line 3LI  <== not in this photo

And the litttle birthday special is:
MOoH! Happy birthday flags gift 2LI



And what shouldn’t miss on a party? Correct, food and beverages.
Here I found a lot of amazing things from Aphrodite.

Aphrodite –  Celebration Gacha 
17 commons and 4 Rares for you to win:

  • Aphrodite Birthday or Rezzday party set table RARE 15 LI
  • Aphrodite happy rezzday sign 1 LI
  • Aphrodite Happy birthday optional sign 3 LI
  • Aphrodite Rezzday or Birthday Cake RARE 46 LI
  • Aphrodite Party Dining Chair 1,2,3,4 – 10 LI
    4 different colours. Incl animations for male, female, kids.
  • Aphrodite Rezzday or Birthday Cake RARE – 46LI
    By clicking it gives you a plate with cake, a fork and animtion.
    You also can click “sated”  on the menu and it disappears 🙂
  • Aphrodite Macaroons platter 2 LI
  • Aphrodite Chips Cones 7 LI
  • Aphrodite Burger Platter 22LI
  • Aphrodite Fresh Sandwiches Platter RARE 30 LI
  • Aphrodite Pomme Frites 2LI
  • Aphrodite Milkshakes RARE 3LI
  • Aphrodite Choco Apples with Sprinkles 10LI
  • Aphrodite Stawberry Drinks 21 LI
  • Aphrodite cheerful balloons bunch 1 – 2LI
  • Aphrodite cheerful balloons bunch 2 – 2 LI
  • Aphrodite cheerful balloons bunch 3 – 2 LI
  • Aphrodite cheerful balloons bunch 4 – 2LI

For all food and beverages you will have the same menu as the cake by clicking them  !!!


Have a lot of fun at the party !!!!






Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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