Saint Tropez Patio


Showing you here in this post Serendipity Designs Saint Tropez Patio Set  – exclusive for Swank July “Tropical Heat.

This set comes with a patio chair, loungers, table and a big doubled umrella.
Includes several very nice animations with and without props and texture change.


===>  Serendipity Designs – Saint Tropez Patio Set     ==> @ Swank

The other furniture / Decor by Casa de Bebe I already blogged in my post before here  ==> click.

I used the house:
Polihale Bungalow by Bee Designs.
It comes fully furnished, copy & mod, 249 LI.
50% at the moment
But I removed here all furniture for my post and left some decoration.

Please ask if you want to know more details.




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Event Info
Swank – July 2018
Theme:  Tropical Island Heat
Facebook Swank Events / Facebook Swank Group / Flickr / SL Landmark




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Have fun shopping 🙂




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