Me and the girls out after work
Drinkin’ marguaritas one night
After a few, the conversation turned to
The kind of guys we like

One only dates doctors, one likes cowboys
And one prefers the sensitive kind
Well, I really shocked ’em then
All jaws were droppin’ when
It came turn to tell ’em mine

I like a man with a tan and a twisted chrome kickstand
Leanin’ on a big old bike
The low rollin’ sound that’ll shake the ground
Comin’ out of long pipes
I like a tattoo or two
Or even more if they’re cool
On the big old arms of a long-haired dude
Inside of me, there’s an all I wanna be
Biker chick chick
Biker chick chick (whooo)
(Biker chick)
(Biker chick chick)
(Biker chick chick, whooo)

I never rode on the back of an old
Chopper down the highway
Holdin’ on tight just him and I
Makin’ our getaway
I’ve always been the good girl
Walked the straight and narrow path all my life, boo

But the tequila’s kickin’ in
And since I’m here with friends
Can’t a girl just fantasize

I never said he was the marryin’ kind
All I said was I bet he’d be a wild ride
Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh

 – Jo Dee Messina “Biker Chick”




Hair / Haare – Elikatira – Janiah   ==> @Summerfest
Eyes / Augen – Catwa Eyes
Head / Kopf   – Catwa – Tala
Meshbody  – Maitreya – Maitreya Meshbody Lara
Skin  / Haut  –  Glam Affair – Rayna   ==> @Collabor88

Lipstick / Lippenstift – Booty’s Beauty – Raindrop    ==> @Fitmesh Plaza&50 Discount Event
Eyeshadow / Lidschatten – Booty’s Beauty – Sleep ==> @Fitmesh Plaza&50 Discount Event

Shape/Face –  [ west end ] – Shapes – Janelle (for: CATWA Tala Bento)



Top, Skirt & Boots/Top, Rock&Stiefel – Ishara Shop – Alba Outfit  ==> @Fitmesh Plaza&50 Discount Event
Fitted for Belleza, Maitreya & Slink.





:: Focus Poses:: – Sexy Biker



Backdrop City




Have fun shopping 🙂




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