RFL Home&Garden Fair – Center Sim

On the Center Sim of the 11th annual Home & Garden Expo Second Life you will find the entertainment area for the artshow, diferent shows, interviews, classes etc.

But also 4 sponsors of the Expo:

Glas Houses by Sandi Glas      ==> @ Home & Garden Expo
with 3 new houses exclusive at the Expo and they are all RFL Donation items.

– Holly is a Mid Century Modern home

– Kaylani is a Caribbean beach home

– Meghan is a Prairie Style home, reminiscent of a style typically found in the American industrial
Mid-West. At 64 meters in length, it needs a lot of room to rez, but its well worth it!


Kaerri by Kaerri Rae     ==> @ Home & Garden Expo
A beauiful set-up for the Expo showing the range of ffurniture Kaerri is offering their customers in fresh colours with a simple and stylish design.
You can also find the 2 donation items by Kaerri .


Surge      ==> @ Home & Garden Expo
Surge has also a nice spot at the Expo showing their Full Permission Mesh Building Components:
You can find: Windows, Doors, Arches, Archways, Stairs, hardware, door handles, rugs, columns, Gazebo, furniture, Knockers, Gothic, rustic, furniture, Decor,


Prim Perfect      ==> @ Home & Garden Expo
The magazine for for homes and gardens in virtual worlds.
You can find the magazines on their Website or inworld you can find subscribe-o-matics around the grid or located in their Prim Perfect Head Offices in Sund.

RFL Home&Garden Website
RFL Home & Garden Map 
RFL Home&Garden Expo Shopping Guide
RFL Home&Garden Event Overview

The Expo Regions

Expo Center
Home Expo 1
Home Expo 2
Home Expo 3
Home Expo 4
Home Expo 5
Home Expo 6


Have fun at the fair 🙂




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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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