RFL Home & Garden Expo – Simply Reflection

To sit at the shore,
watch the waves
and hear the surf ,
is to appreciate the
very breath and 
heartbeat of
the earth!


Simply Reflection is taking part in the 11th annual Home & Garden Expo Second Life from
May 19th to June 2nd, 2018.
Simply reflection was founded in December 2016, they are still small but stedily growing and try to update new builds every month either in Simple Reflections or in Ecko’s Reflections.

Showing you 2 items here:

The Driftwood Writing Spot has singles and couples animations, is AVSitter Experience enabled, and works best when you enable the AVSitter Experience on your land as it uses temp attach objects.

The Nautical Mailbox is scripted and will accept dropped notecards as mail. The owner will have a menu (which you can try out) when notecards have been dropped which gives you unread notecards, read notecards, or deletes the notecards. The mailbox opens when notecards have been added and closes when notecards have been deleted.

Teleport to Simple Reflections @ Home &Garden Expo 4

Find them :
Link to  Marketplace
Teleport to Simple Reflections & Flutters Mainstore


RFL Home&Garden Website
RFL Home & Garden Map 
RFL Home&Garden Expo Shopping Guide
RFL Home&Garden Event Overview

The Expo Regions

Expo Center
Home Expo 1
Home Expo 2
Home Expo 3
Home Expo 4
Home Expo 5
Home Expo 6



Have fun shopping 🙂




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