Maroccan Room

Today I have some nice furniture and decor for you by Circa Living.

Circa Living is taking part in the new event for Home & Garden Event “Illuminate”, running monthly and in arch/April it just started.
The first round ends on April 12th – tomorrow – so some time to go there and have a look at beautiful creations.

Circa Living created the Nahla Maroccan  Room, containing of furniture and decor for your home.

Cabinets – Left (5LI) and Right (3 LI)
– opening doors
– Touch candle for flame light

Ceiling Fan
– 1 comes with rotation scripting  (5LI) and another version that is static  (4 LI)

Hanging Lanterns (long&short versions, each 2 LI)
– Touch candle for flame light

Chair (3LI)
28 animated positions in total
– 16 female animations
– 12 male animations
– animations include: sitting, resting, chatting, reading, & lounges

Ottomans – 2 texture versions  (each 2 LI)
32 animated positions total – 16 per seat / Set A & Set B
– 10 female animations per seat
– 6 male animations per seat
– animations include: sitting, chatting, & lounging

Side Table (2LI) & Siude Table with Cup platter (3 LI)

Lounge Bed:  (4LI)
190 animated positions in total:
– 60 female single positions
– 2 female scenes
– 40 male single positions
– 45 syncronized couple sets
– Auto hand props for reading animations included for single sits – when prompted
– animations include: sitting, resting, sleeping, crying, reading, lounges, couple stands, couple kisses, & couple cuddles, & couple lounges.

Tall Plant Stand – 2 LI
Rustic Planters – (both sizes) – 2 to 3 LI each

Frame Wall Art – 4 LI

Mirror Trio – 4 LI

Mirror Single – 2 LI

Area Rugs – 1 LI each


         ==>  All Circa Living @ Illuminate


Used building )I changed the wall textures):
Sweet Harmony – Sweet Hacienda

Beaded Curtain:
The Half Moon Market – Wavey Beaded Curtains *Gacha*


Have fun shopping 🙂




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