Coastal Dreams

I have a coastal living room set for you from Heart Homes, crrently available at SaNaRae “Blossom Spring” . It is a beautiful set and includes:
1x Heart Homes “Blossom Spring” coastal living room – Bedsofa
2x Heart Homes “Blossom Spring” coastal living room -Seat A
1x Heart Homes “Blossom Spring” Aquarium Table
1x Heart Homes “Blossom Spring” Rug
1x Heart Homes “Blossom Spring” coastal living room – Beanbag seat
Heart Homes “Blossom Spring” Nautical Frame A to D, each 1

A lot of animations are loaded in the seats – for her, him and couple, activities, sits and and and.
Amazing is the sleep function in the sofa ! Choosing sleep transforms the sofa into a bed ! so
dont forget to push the table away or put him far away enough from sofa 😉
Available as PG and Family version. All items copyable

Also the furniture are texture change, you can choose from 3 coloursets.

Heart Homes   ==>   @ SaNaRae


What else do you see in this pic:

*Aria* Tulip Vase A / 9 vase colors
*Countess* Pillow Pile A
*Jessi* Cabinet
*Potted Plant* Palm

All from Dreamscapes Decor. These items from Dreamscapes Decor are unique handcrafted home interior and decor.

All @ Dreamscapes Decor    

Have fun shopping 🙂





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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤


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