Vintage Flair

I have some more furniture and decoration for you 🙂

From Aphrodite you can get this awesome Vintage Glam Chair currently at Swank’s Hollywood Glam Round, ensing soon end of the month.
Available are PG and Adult version.
Animations for her and him as solo sits, separated in sitting and activities as well as for the couple animations.

Aphrodite Shop   ==>   @ SWANK 

On the right you see the Magazine Table by Salacity.
– Hideable magazine via menu, so you can show it only when you want to.
– The lamp is scripted to light the area around it, but using in-world (atmospheric) lighting and in changing the look/glow of the bulb and shade. Simply click on the lamp shade to turn the light on and off.
– A “low prim” version is included with no decor added, if you want to add your own.

On the left I arranged some decor for you by Salacity.
These little boxes are the new Keepsake Boxes which are available in 2 sets:
Primaries and Pastels – each costs 50 L$
There is also a mix and match set available and the best is, it is exclusively the group gift at the mainstore.

This Planet Orbs Decor by Salacity is a descor item which shows Mars, Earth and Neptune.
Just saying in case you don#t realize which planets these are 😀

All to get at  Salacity Mainstore



Event Info
Swank – March 2018
Theme: Hollywood Glam
Facebook Swank Events / Facebook Swank Group / Flickr




Have fun shopping 🙂





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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤


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