The Looking Glass @ Swank

Swank is still running 1 week with it’s Hollywood Glamour round this month.
Today I show you awesome furniture and decr items for your home, available at Swank this month.

I show you all you cann see on the Event’s Setup by The Looking Glass. These includes new releases for this round of Swank and some items from a previous release.

New exclusive for the Hollywood Glamour theme are :

TLG – The Encounter Chairs
two chairs posed together with single and couple poses.
The chairs are available in black, red and gold and also available in PG and ADULT versions.
PG and ADULT Animations: 20 single female sits- 20 single male sits – 15 standing couple kisses – 18 couple cuddles.
ADULT also includes 24 erotic animations and one erotic sequence.
9 LI


TLG – Glam Poppy Coffee Table (4LI)
TLG – Glam Poppy Floral Bust  (4 LI)


TLG – Glam Poppy Hall Table  (3 LI)

TLG – Glam Poppy Wall Art  (11LI)


TLG – Glam Poppies  – available in gold, silver &bronze)  (3 LI)


TLG – Glam Poppy Shimmer Curtain (5LI)   (see them in t he background)
TLG – Glam Poppy Round Poppy Rug (3LI)  (you see them in the overview photo)

The items from previous release are :

TLG – Joy to the World Table Lamp – available in gold&silver  (5 LI)  (on the hall table in my photo)
TLG – Joy to the World Lanterns – available in gold & silver  (10LI)  (the ceiling lamps in my photo)
TLG – Joy to the World Candles – available in gold&silver  (5 LI) (on the coffee table in my photo)

annnnd what you see flying around there are
TLG – Swank Event – Island Sprites Group Gift   (5 LI)

I hope I haven’t forgotten something  here to describe. These are very beautiful creations – if you  aremissing something and need information, send an IM or nec to me and I am getting back to you soon.

I can also recommend to go to the sim The Looking Glass to explore  !!!
Teleport to The Looking Glass


    The Looking Glass       ==> ALL @ SWANK 



Event Info
Swank – March 2018
Theme: Hollywood Glam
Facebook Swank Events / Facebook Swank Group / Flickr




Have fun shopping 🙂





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for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤


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