Open your eyes….

Open your eyes
– to the beauty around you !
Open your mind
– to the wonders of life !
Open your heart
– to those who love you !
And always 
– be true to yourself !

(c) Alanna Chasin, aka The Dog Buddha



As I promised in my post before, I am showing you here the decoration/furniture I used.


CJ Grace Orangerie
13 Prims Full Set – with Steppstones, Lamp with light by touch
and 7 diff. Colors in Roses (frontside) by touch
Copy/mody – Scripts no mod
**Event-Price 249 L**

CJ Grace Orangerie Planter 6er Set
Climbing Flowers, Roses + more in diff. Planter
1-2 Prims each one – Copy/mod
**Event-Price 225 L** for 6er Set

CJ Grace Iron Vintage Set + Bird Bath in 1 Set
Bird Bath with Hummingbird ~ 3 Prims
Chair with 17 diff. Animations for him/her, Props like
coffee, tea + more ~ 3 Prims
Table wit 4 lovely Deco Sets as Props ~ 4 Prims
All copy + mody – scripts no mod
**Event-Price 299 L**

   ==> CJ Creations   @ Swank



Have fun shopping 🙂




Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤

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