I love to be at the beach in my dreams…

while in RL is winter :)))

I decided to do a bikini post today because I wished it were summer and also to show you my new body.

I always thought about to get 2nd body for my shots – I was not sure so far which one but when I tried the demo of the Tonic fine body I was surprised about it and how well it is, how much I like it 🙂

So I played around some days with it and can show you now the result which shape I made with it, The fine beauty is a really well accentuated body and I like it very much. I will use it next to my Maitreya body.

The Tonic Fine Body comes with mesh body:
o Each body includes 3 “onion skins” – tattoo, underwear and clothing
o Each body uses the OMEGA Evloved applier system for skin & clothing & nails — support is built in (no relay is necessary)
o Each body supports the Tonic branded skin appliers
o Each body supports Tonic SmartAlpha for fitted mesh clothing
o Each body supports Tonic SmartShoes for easy shoe wearing
o One pair of “bento” hands and one pair of “relaxed” hands
o The “bento” hands support finger animation, the “relaxed” hands do not
o 3 “glove” layers for the hands (tattoo, underwear, clothes)
o 4 nail shapes for the fingernails (change them using the HUD)
o SLINK hands can be worn with the body in place of the hands provided
o 3 foot shapes – FLAT, MID and HIGH which are compatible with SLINK shoes for the same shapes
o provided as a single wearable controlled via the HUD
o 3 “sock” layers for the feet (tattoo, underwear, clothes)
o a foot “shaper” to help keep your feet above the ground
o An “Old necks” addon used in case the necks updated in v4.1 cause you trouble
o 10 Eirtae skin tones by Lumae (skin applier ONLY)
o A Skin HUD for the older Tonic skin tones
o 16 nail polishes included
o FULL Materials support, FULL physics support (breasts, butt and belly)
o An easy to use HUD to control your bodies appearance
o An easy to use HUD for additional hand poses for the bento hands
o A wardrobe to save away your complete body state (including alphas, nails, skin, appliers, the works!)
o An alpha mask to hide your classic avatar body from the neck down

Also the hud is very detailed for the layers of clothing .



Have fun shopping 🙂




Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤




Hair / Haare – Argrace – Yura
Eyes / Augen –IKON – Sovereign Eyes – Denim
Head / Kopf – Laq – Neve
Nailpolish – Tonic – Fine Beauty Meshbody v4.1
Meshbody incl.Hands&Feet – Tonic – Fine Beauty Meshbody v4.1
Skin  / Haut – WOW – Niah – Tan   ==> @Designer Circle – The Event 170th
Shape&Face – selfmade



Bikini – MOZ Designs – South Beach Bikini





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