RFL Home & Garden Expo: [CIRCA] Living

RFL Home & Garden Expo is running. Each designer has two new 100% donation items at the Expo. These are exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event, and all proceeds will be donated to RFL. The Expo also includes a large gacha sale with 50% donation to RFL. There are so many things to get on the Expo.

More about the expo you can find here:
Shopping Guide (9 sims are availale)



I  am showing you here today this beautiful collection “The Colours on the Water Collection” by Circa Living

available at the Home & Garden Expo which is still running until June, 4th.
Perfect for  the warmer season with a pretty watercolour theme – soft and serene like looking at a watercolour painting.
Most of the pieces include various menus for either wood, fabric, flower or planter colour options. These menus create lots of choices to mix and match your items and allow for custom room looks. The seating pieces include lots of animations for sitting, laying and standing. To match, there are lovely decor pieces such as the wall flower displays, diamond mirrors, plant stands, flower vases, & curtains to fill out your space. This is the perfect collection for spring and summer decorating! And ALL items are copiable !
As Hunt prize at the Expo you get the Watercolour Floor Pillows !
Have a nice time at the Expo and help raising funds for RFL Second Life.

Circa Living on Hope 9







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