848 – RFL Home & Garden Expo: Glas House

It is the time of the year for the RFL Home & Garden Expo. A lot of designers came together for this expo for fulfilling your home & garden needs and raise money for Relay for Life SL .

All Expo exhibitors are required to release two new 100% donation items at the Expo. These are exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event, and all proceeds will be donated to RFL. The Expo also includes a large gacha sale with 50% donation to RFL.
There are so many things to get on the Expo.

More about the expo you can find here:
Shopping Guide (9 sims are availale)

In my first post for the Expo I am showing  you 4 houses by Glas House. You can find them on sim Hope 8.

The first house I am showing you is “Mechelle”. It has a footprint of 42×25 m and 141 Land Impact.


The second house is “Lizzie”. It has a footprint of 27×15 m and 72 Land Impact.


The third house I am showing you here is “Xade”. It has a footprint of 28×25 m and 113 Land Impact.


The fourth and last house showing you is “Benthe”. It has a footprint of 32×24 m and 90 Land Impact.


Have a nice time on the Expo and help raising funds for RFL Second Life.




Follow me on flickr to see more photos taken by me. Thank you so much
for visiting and reading my blog. It is much appreciated.  ❤




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